Blk 15 Eunos Crescent on Thu (2 Feb)


Sometimes things just come together and it’s pure magic. This was how it was for us cousins every holiday when we gathered at Blk 15 Eunos Crescent for the best days of our young lives. We played all day, running up and down the corridors, fanning out across the playground, playacting our favourite shows. We went to the market, always managing to lose the bananas and break the eggs by the time we got home. We never felt bored or lonely, because we were thick as thieves and there was always more mischief tomorrow.

This “cousin” cake is a flashback to the pure joy of childhood, yet captures a sense of grown-up nostalgia. The traditional appom bokwa dessert we all loved is updated – a soft and airy gula melaka génoise sponge is layered with a rich banana and coconut milk pengat, slowly simmered over a low flame. Salted caramel balls provide a modern counterpoint to these heritage flavours, which are topped with a light coconut cream frosting. This perfect pairing of our past and present turned out Forkin’ awesome (like us)!
(Size 7-inch, Forks 6-8 pax)

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Keeps well in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in