Pina Colada

Now sing along with us…
“♪♪ If you like piña coladas
And getting caught in the rain
If you’re not into yoga
If you have half a brain
If you like making love at midnight
In the dunes on the cape
Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for…
Just, Fork It up and escape ♪♪”

A soft coconut chiffon with home-made pineapple confiture, roasted coconut and grilled pineapples layered with a light coconut rum chantilly cream.

How we work
Fork It will announce weekly menus and bakes on Sundays with limited quantity for the following week’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So watch out for that (along with the weight you’re most likely to gain) and punch your orders in through our website. We cannot bake and sell everyday, ok? … because we still have regular corporate jobs to do!
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